Our Journey 2007

After waiting for many years to finally go, we have eventually set off to central and south America to explore, learn Spanish, volunteer, hopefully work, and find out what we want to do when we grow up.

13th December 2007 (My birthday!!) – Fly from Birmingham at 8am. Arrived into Cancun at 4pm (local time), and travelled down the coast to Puerto Morelos.

14th December 2007 – Puerto Morelos. Walked along the beach past a very exclusive hotel complex, and found lots of really large sea shells washed up on the shore along with 2 huge dead puffer fish…

15th December 2007 – Puerto Morelos. Weather not that nice to be by the caost, so decide to travel inland to Valladolid, where the weather is much better.

16th December 2007 – Valladolid. Spend sunday evening in the square listening to a live band, and watching people dancing. Then have a catus salad for tea – not really sure about catus, it has a very strange taste and is very oily.

17th December 2007 – Valladolid. Visit the Maya site of Chitzen Itza, and it is very hot and sunny. Have our first tequila in mexico.

18th December 2007 – Valladolid

19th December 2007 – Valladolid. Travel to Merida.

20th december 2007 – Merida.

21st December 2007 – Merida. Got lost in a massive WAL MART supermarket, and drank Margeritas in the evening.

22nd December 2007 – Merida.

23rd December 2007- Merida. traveled to Campeche.

24th December 2007- Campeche. went shopping for supplies for christmas day, as everything is likely to be shut.

25th December 2007 – Campeche. Christmas Day. walked along the sea front and watched an amazing sunset.

26th December 2007 – Campeche. Traveled to Chetumal (7hr).

27th December 2007 – Chetumal. Crossed the border into Belize and arrived into belize city just in time to get the boat to caye caulker.

28th December 2007 – Cay Caulker. Got a lovely room over looking the beach, palm trees and sea.

29th December 2007- Cay Caulker.

30th December 2007 – Cay Caulker. Walked round the island and swam in the sea.

31st December 2007 – Cay Caulker. Hired a canoe and paddled all the way to the reef 1.2miles against the wind, which then sank in a mangrove swamp on a little island. Fortunately a passing canoeist pointed out the plug to us, and we managed to get to some hard ground and empty it. Spent New Year in a bar at the end of the island, bit strange as everyone back in England had already had new year.

1st January 2008 – Cay Caulker.