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We arrived into Puerto Madryn (Patogonia) after a 20hr bus ride too the sight of whales amazingly close to the coast line just rolling around in the sea. We then got to see them alot closer on a boat trip we took; when we saw a mother with her calf who held herself with just her enormous tail sticking out of the water for periods of over 5 minutes, and another large adult (who must have been at least as long as a bus) that was very gracefully slowly swimming around our boat and (rather worryingly) under it times when it would surface to blow a huge spray of water right next to us…

After an other VERY long bus ride we have arrived into Rio Gallagos. We woke this morning on the bus to see the world covered in snow, shortly after which the bus broke down leaving us in the middle of a snow storm in the Patagonian desert – which is a nothingness of bleak baron scrub land stretching of into the distance in all directions. Finally after 6hr we were rescued by another bus and arrived into Rio Gallagos 25hrs after setting of from Puerto Madryn.
And tommorrow we continue our journey to Ushuaia and the bottom of the world!!! Just another 10hr bus ride left to the southern most city in the world.

Buenos Aires.


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After spending a few days here in Buenos Aires, we are off down south to Patagonia, Penguins and lots of snow…

We have managed to see several Tango shows in different cafes here, and an amazingly passionate Flamenco show. We have also finally found a lovely engagement ring!!


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Esteros del Ibera


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Half way between Igazu and Buenos Aries, 1 night bus and a VERY bumpy 4hr ride on the worst bus we have seen in our entire travels and we were looking into the eyes of 3M long Caimans (a type of Alligator)…absolutely incredible to be so close to them, and luckily they did not look too hungry!

We have never seen so many wild animals in one day, and so close. As well as Caimans we also saw a wild Geofreys cat eating a very crunchy sounding bird, a monkey, many colourful birds and lots of capybaras (the largest rodent in the world). An absolutely amazing place…

Igazu Falls


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Wow, we have never seen so much water!!! and the power of the falls was just incredible. We took a 20 hour detour to see the falls which are at the most northern tip of Argentine on the border with Brazil, and we had not really thought about what to expect; but then we could never have imagined water falls this big….

We now start our journey from the very top of Argentina to Ushuaia, the world’s southern most city (more than 3000km! so lots more very long night buses!!).

Enjoying all the best things in Argentina!


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Our 25hr Journey to Cordoba, Argentina.


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Here is Gemma in front of the blockade we came to after a very bumpy 2 hour bus journey to the border with Argentina, and we had to walk the final 5km to the border town of Villazon, with all our bags which seem to be getting heavier.. going to have to slim them down for our ryan air flight from Madrid back to the UK.

We got into Argentina just in time for our very long 1000 mile (16hr) bus trip to Cordoba.